02.04.2008....On the taxation of land owned(Property Taxes)  and advalorem (Yearly Automobile)taxes.....


02.02.2008...Here are some thoughts on Starbucks......They will close a massive amount of stores within the next few months in all areas and retreat back to high end retail centers and generally areas where high income individuals live and work.   You can expect them to be at tourist type locations in the major cities and the high end malls.  The days of a Starbucks being within a 5 mile drive of everyone is over I believe.   The average consumer cannot justify spending that kind of money on a regular basis anymore.   There is a possible solution for them though....Get together with a major chain....such as McDonalds....and either share space or sell the goods to them and the know how as a joint venture.   Starbucks is losing lots of money on real estate leases and purchases.   Whoever they join with will benefit in additional sales of their own products,   and chances are,  they will have all the facilities in place to prolong or even improve Starbucks bottom line without closing locations...possibly increasing them.   This concept of merging two smaller "niche" type businesses has been done in the past like Dunkin Donuts and Baskin & Robins and appears to be successful.   Their biggest expense is the real estate...which is also their biggest savings in a joint venture type of deal.   

Better to merge and survive than compete with unsustainable growth and die alone.


12.18.2008...Yet another long lapse since I last wrote anything here.   Let's see where we are at currently:   Economy is in a tailspin.   I recently lost my job of a little more than 10 years.    Garage is still not anywhere near finished.   Yellow car is broken in a bad way,  but good things are waiting for it's return to the streets.  

Onto the current economy: 

For the automakers....  Stop all production of current vehicles.   Do not start making cars again until the inventory is exhausted.   After that is taken care of reduce the numbers of dealer car inventories to only allow a few cars of each model at the dealers lot.   The cars that are on the lots at the dealer have no price sticker on them.   They are sold to the person with the best offer by the dealer.  Cars that are made to order may take a few weeks to arrive at your house or business are sold at a discount.   Greed to have a car immediately will make the dealers earn their money.   They will be able to set their prices based on demand,  not reduce them based on inventory.  The car manufacturers would then only be producing what is selling and not making thousands of cars to sit idle in a car lot somewhere.   Car dealers will still have their inventory and will increase the demand for the limited number of available cars that they are given.  If the individual dealers wish to purchase more cars on their own to have more inventory,  the manufacturers can increase their profit accordingly to accommodate them.    The smart shopper will be patient and wait for their as ordered car to arrive in a few weeks.   The only other option---besides getting rid of the unions is to close up entirely and reopen the following day under a new name.   The union deals that have taken advantage of the manufactures for so long have to be brought back in line with a realistic business model.   That is the only thing that can save the car companies and the economy in general.   If they fail,  then the world will shake.


06.24.2007...Been a long time again since I last updated.  Hot here.  Garage work continues.  Been to a car show or two the past few weeks.  Tried to go to one today.  They wanted to charge to "spectate".  First off,  you do not charge to spectate at an open air car show unless it all goes towards charity---in which case they call it a donation,  not a requirement.   If you are going to charge people to spectate at a car show it had better be indoors and climate controlled and there had better be some serious cars there to justify my paying to see them.   I did not get a real warm and fuzzy feeling from the people putting on this car show.  Seemed like it was a business and nothing more.   The funny part is.....It is called "The Buzz Latino Car Show" and there does not appear to be any Latinos that are a part of the show.   I get this really icky feeling that the people that are running this show are taking advantage of the Latino name and people---much in the same way as local vendors in a foreign country take advantage of tourists.....the tourists just do not know any better.   Well,  the people putting on these car shows will not get my cars in their shows for $20.00 or my money to spectate.  There are too many good free car shows that do it for the love of cars,  not for the love of money. 

Here are a few that are close to me that happen on a regular basis and are either free or the money goes to a good cause---not just lining somebody's pockets.

http://www.galaxydineratlanta.com   First Saturday of every month during the summer--free to enter and spectate.  (Northlake/Embry Hills Area)

http://www.panteraplace.com/page92.htm   Every Saturday morning when the weather is nice.  (Chamblee Area)

South DeKalb Street Rodders---Sam's Club on Mountain Industrial---Third Saturday of each month during the summer.

The Latinos needs to host and support their own car shows, to generate interest in the community in cars and cultures.   The Buzz Latino car show thing is more about generating cash for vultures.   I wish them all the luck in the world,  but this event will fail in every way.


Smooches esim.

01.28.2007....Call me a sloth,  a slacker,  lazy,  what you will.   I will accept any of those names.   So it has been over a year since I have written anything here.   I could say I have been busy,  but that would be a lie.  I actually write more when I am busy it seems.  I have not had any significant projects to work on to keep me busy since I finished the bathroom project.   I did manage to do the body work and have the el camino painted a solid white color in this time period,  but that was still not so busy in my opinion.   I traveled to Italy for a week and saw my kitty there for a week in the fall of 2006.   I managed to borrow some money to build a garage in the summer but have not been able to make a decision on who to use to do the expensive concrete work.  I have done some work on the garage project,  but not enough to logically explain my absence.   Lately I have been getting lots of quotes on the garage work.  Hopefully soon I will have an answer on the either going forward with it or returning the money back to the bank and just settling on not being busy.   I guess the real thing to say is that I have been sad for a long time.  And with sadness comes alone time.  That alone time causes friction to everyone that has contact with me unfortunately.  I am sorry for the pain that I cause those that experience it.   I do hope that I find my busy happiness again soon.  It seems I am making a regular spot on the couch.  Maybe it is time I rotate it a little so it gets evenly worn on the other side too.   I should be making a decision on the garage soon.  It is something I have wanted for a long time,  but it seems that most people feel I am willing to pay anything for it.  Those people are wrong.


03.16.2006....Those of you that know me,  know that I am the king of all things Hot Pockets.....So here is the limited time deal offered by Kroger if you have your nifty Uber marketing tool Kroger Card.....Hot Pockets in all of their infinite flavors are on sale at Kroger for 6 for $10.00 with the nifty Kroger card.  After your first purchase of 10,  you get a $5.00 off coupon on anything except for alcohol and tobacco,  and you may also get a $2.50 off coupon on your next purchase of 10 or more Hot Pockets branded products.  So what I say is if you go in and buy 10 packages,  then use the $5.00 off coupon you are getting your pockets for next to nothing.   If you also have the $2.50 off coupon and can continually repeat the process,  then you will have lots and lots of cheap hot pockets.  These things take years and years to go bad,  so don't worry about expiration dates.  This deal apparently ends on the 19th so you only have a few days to get pockets with the $5.00 off coupon for as low as .59 cents a pocket or with the combined $2.50 off at .46 cents a pocket or .92 cents a box.   It's truly a wonderful day in the neighborhood.   I think that you could run in buy 10,  walk out,   stash them in the car and repeat the process until you have cleared them out of stock.   I have not tried this yet,  but I will try tomorrow.  If I come over to your house with bags of these things it means my kick ass freezer is full of them and I need more storage space.  I eat these things every day at work.  It is a very nice cheap evenly sized meal.  With multiple flavors,  how could you ever tire of them?  I have not after well over 15 years of work consumption.

Laters.   I will let you know if this is workable for a over and over and over again coupon scam.

01.09.2006....I have not written much lately.  Bad me.   I quit smoking over the holidays.  Probably the worst time of year to do so.  I did it though.  I have the physical part of the addiction under control.  Good me.  The habit part is still there unfortunately.  It will take some time to rid me of that. The North American Auto Show has been going on for the past few days.  Many exciting cars to come in the next 3 years or so.....I will need to save some money.   I want one of each of these:

Possible 2009 Chevrolet Camaro with a vette motor.

Possible 2009 Dodge Challenger---With a Hemi babay.

I figure I will need to save up around $40,000.00 for each one.   I will have them both in yellow and black please with a minimum of 400 horsepower and 6 speeds.  Thanks you Detroit.   I was last thinking I would save up for a Z06 Corvette....But you know what?  I would rather have two bad ass cars than a single super bad ass car.  Heh.  I am an addict.   Maybe with the money saved from buying smokes I can really have one or two of these if they are ever produced.

Ah, if it does not happen I will surely have a yellow car or two sitting around somewhere to scare the hell out of me and the other motorists.  Hehehehehe



09.28.2005....So I have been thinking lately....as if I do not have enough to think about.....

The following story should be considered a work of fiction even though the story is based on recent real events.

I have been thinking about the recent storms along the Gulf coast and the sheer amount of money that has been allocated to the relief effort by the government as well as the amount it is said to cost per day for the relief efforts.....

I am thinking that the money that was initially allocated and said to be spent is replacement money......The following describes what it is replacing.

We've all heard the stories about wasteful government spending on simple things like toilet seats....a $20,000.00 toilet seat?  Actual cost=$18.00,  the rest, the $19,982.00 excessive fee was funneled into black ops or other secret programs.   When you have thousands of objects purchased at excessive costs,  you can finance just about anything with no questions asked.  The recent hurricane damage and recovery costs are spiraling upwards at a fantastic rate.   The government's expense the last time I heard was an immediate 65 billion dollars....That was issued within the first few weeks.  Most is already "spent".   This is more money than the US has spent on the Iraqi war I think.   When you take into the account of ship,  plane,  and troop movements as well as supporting housing and food for all of the troops involved,  and buying replacement smart bombs,  it is possible to spend that much on a small war for a few years.

On hurricane recovery efforts spending 65 billion dollars in a few weeks?   I find that nearly impossible to do...unless you are using all that paper money to soak up the water.....But in a way,  that is exactly what they are doing with that money.

Once Katrina came ashore near New Orleans,  everything was pretty good in the Big Easy.....Until the levees broke and the majority of the city was flooded.   The coastal areas saw the direct major damage from the storm due to the storm surge and some wind damage...mainly the storm surge.     After the levees broke,  that was when the real fun started....When a plan was formulated that the news has yet to mention.   The looter elite.   Or the professional looters with the guns and the tools to pull off the easiest,  highest return work ever done in the history of the world within five days.

There was some looting going on in New Orleans.  We have all seen people breaking windows and stealing stuff from stores.  You know the basic looter stash...tools,  toys,  clothes,  food,  TV's,  computers.  The stuff that we all need to survive on a daily basis.   But the looting that you will not hear about is the looting that the government is really bringing out the billions to pay for.    It takes money to make money....and when the money stores have been emptied out after a few days of no power and no people and no police, well that money will need to be replaced,  because it is FDIC insured....at least the smaller banks are insured.

But who can insure the Federal Reserve bank in New Orleans?   Is it even insured?   The Federal Reserve Bank may very well be the largest privately held bank in the world.  Financed in it's beginning with seed money from some of the wealthiest families in the world.  If the Fed is insured,  then they own this country,  and they will want their money replaced.     I saw something the other day about the New York Federal Reserve---which is the largest of the districts.  They have somewhere between 50-100 billion dollars of nice folding cash laying there in wait at any given time.    The small local reserve bank in New Orleans probably only has 10 billion or so in nice folding cash.

What a perfect time to rob banks.   From the smallest to the largest....

When the order to evacuate came,  most people did.   Some people took their valuable possessions with them.   The jewelry stores in the evacuation zones were probably able to load up their entire inventory into single suitcases to take with them where ever they went to ride out the storm.   The retail stores took their cash and left the inventory...simply too much to evacuate....but the cash went either to the local bank or to their place away from the storm.  The casinos along the gulf closed early and cleared their vaults.  They are private institutions.  Their business is not loaning money,  it is making it.   Casino money may be insured in business continuity insurance,  but not against gross negligence....such as leaving the money in a barge that is surely to be destroyed and looted.   They probably took their stash of cash to the banks as well.    But banks,  the local institutions that have your cash,  well they cannot take their money with them...or at least not all of it.   If the storm passed without a hitch,  they would be screwed and could cause a panic if they did not have any money the following day.....For both businesses and individuals.  They simply loaded up their vaults,  locked the door,  and hoped for the best.  After all,  that money is insured and the storm may not be as bad as everyone fears.

My theory is this:   The banks were hit in New Orleans by professional crews.  The government is replacing that money with billions of dollars of aid money that can never be fully accounted for.  

There was a reason for rounding up as many people as possible in a central location after the storm came through and the levees broke.   Less people to see and interfere with the real looting that was going on.  There was a reason for a sense of panic to be in the statements by some officials as to how long it would take to drain the city as well as how many would be found dead there.  To keep people away so others could do their job.

There were stories of gun fire at night.   Ever wonder who was shooting at who?   Not just shooting just to shoot.  Shooting to protect,  or shooting to protect billions of dollars of looted cash....There was a war going on in the flooded streets of New Orleans.....A war between the looters over the banks.   The police were no where to be found....Only one crew against another in a race to get as much out as fast as possible.   The largest set of non violent thefts to ever occur in the world.

Again for the sake of judicial review, I must restate that what you have just read is to be considered a work of fiction.


09.01.2005....Been a long time since I have written anything...I will bounce around to explain what has happened recently in the news,  what may come in the future and why I have been not writing so much in the past.

Hurricane Katrina:  Devastated a couple hundred miles of the gulf coast.  Flooded New Orleans to the point where the city should be abandoned as far as human habitation.  The old houses that were built in the 20's and 30's will be leveled.  The city is below sea level and can never be engineered to survive a direct hit from a hurricane.   It should be abandoned and a new city should be built to house the people that work there.   The city can survive as a place of business,  but as a place to live,  it should be abandoned.   It will no doubt be rebuilt,  but as far as stick frame housing,  that should not be considered.   The people running around the city right now with guns should be shot on sight by the military.  These people with guns are not trying to leave....they are claiming their territory.   They should be put down like rabid dogs.

The gulf coast from New Orleans to Mobile took an unprecedented wall of water to cause major damage from the shoreline for at least a mile inland.   The casino industry in Biloxi---which I have frequented fifty or so times in the past 12 years is gone.  I seriously doubt that they will be rebuilt over water as the law states they must be.  The government will change those rules to allow the casinos to be anywhere on land.  The casinos will probably say they will not rebuild unless they can built permanent structures.  There is no telling how much damage was caused by the gigantic floating barges that housed the gambling portions of the casinos when they broke their moorings and were brought inland.   One of them landed on top of a hotel and flattened it.   The infrastructure part of Biloxi that was damaged or destroyed will take years to rebuild.  The bridges,  the roads,  the housing.....Years.   I will miss my close by spot to gamble for many years to come.

Many people lost their homes,  jobs,  and lives due to this storm.   It would not surprise me if another one comes along near the same path in the next couple of months.   The government will not be able to work fast enough to do anything about it either.

On the high gas prices:   The gas prices will more than likely keep rising.  Currently it is around 3.40 a gallon for the good stuff....The 93 octane.   I expect the gas to rise to around 4.50 and then level off.  It will stay this way for a few weeks.   The high gas prices will encourage people to change.  Change the car they drive.  Change the place where they live.  Change the place where they work.  Change how much they drive and why they drive.  It will encourage more car pooling and reduce the amount of money they spend on other things.

On the housing bubble:   Is there a housing bubble?  Yes,  there is.  Will it burst?  Yes,  it will.   Is it a national bubble,  no it is not.  This is how I think it is going to happen.   The bubble will be a localized one.  It may be brought on my higher gas prices.   It will trigger a series of events.   First event will be the higher sustained gas prices.   Then will come the efficiency steps....the steps of those that are being hurt by the high gas prices.  It will start with a massive sell off of large non fuel efficient vehicles.  Mainly the SUV's that are everywhere.  Devaluation will happen quickly as many many large cars are put on the market for sale, but not many people will be buying them unless it is a great,  great deal.  No one wants to pay a lot of money to fill up their tank when it does not take long before that tank is empty again.  The sell off of the SUV's will also trigger the moving of where people live and work.   Many people in the Atlanta area drive a long way to go to work.   Many,  many people live 45 minutes away from their workplace with no traffic.  With the traffic,  it can be a 2 hour commute each way.  The reason that they have these commutes is because of the price of the housing that they can afford.  Sure,  you can live 45 minutes away from work in a house that you just have to have.  Large house with a large yard.  Just what the Jone's have.  That is exactly what you want.   Part of the trade off in the house of your dreams is your commute.  But that commute is draining your wallet with the higher gas prices.   So,  you decide that you do not want the commute.  Your choices are:  Find a job closer to where you live,  or find a house closer to where you work.  There will be tradeoffs.   Some tradeoffs will be taking a job closer to where you live for less money.   This tradeoff may make your strained budget even tighter.  Most people that live far away bought houses near the limit of what they can afford.   They did not do it out of necessity,  they did it out of want.  Out of competition with what their friends have.  What is known as the Jone's effect will have to come to an end.   People cannot base their life and possessions based on what other people have.  They will need to find out what is required to live,  and then expand on that based on what they need first to survive,  and then look to expand on that life.   The first order of business is sustaining the life you have.   

For those that cannot find a job close to their home to shorten their commute and reduce their daily commute cost,  they will look to sell their house and move closer to where they work.   This is where the bubble will start to rear it's ugly head.   Houses will go on the market trying to sell for what they were bought for---and at first they will be on the market for more than what they were bought for.   There will be a little problem with that....It is assumed that the property will have gained in value--and in a bubble market,  it has.   If you have people to buy your house at your asking price or close to it,  then the bubble has not burst yet.   If your house sits on the market along with a few of your neighbors houses for a long period of time,  some of your neighbors will undercut your price in order to sell their house sooner.  Patience is hard to sustain when the costs of driving back and forth are slowly changing your way of life.   If you can sell your house and move to a smaller house that is closer to where you work,  you can still have the same lifestyle,  but maybe not such a large house and large yard.  You will reclaim at least 2 hours of your day for yourself,  which is worth more than a four bedroom four bath house.   As patience runs out,  asking prices for houses will drop lower and lower.  In the bubble effected areas----which I think in Atlanta will be anywhere outside of a 20 minute traffic free drive outside the perimeter,  people will begin selling their houses below their current mortgage amount.  Which means that when they walk away from the house,  they will still owe some money on the mortgage.  They will find their smaller house,  but will need to creatively finance their new house purchase to pay off their previous mortgage.  If they are unable to pay that off,  then they will need more time to get the same level of lifestyle back to pay off a mortgage that is even more than their new smaller house is worth. 

To sum up my idea of the Atlanta bubble:   The closer you live to where you work every day,  the less the bubble will effect you.   House prices inside the perimeter may be inflated a little,  but you are buying a location,  not a house.  The houses outside the perimeter that suffer the most traffic will lose the most value when the sell off starts.  There simply won't be enough people wanting to buy so far away unless a major shift happens in regards to people living and working close by.  

There could be incentives to reduce traffic by the local governments in regards to where people live and where they work.  A commuter tax could be imposed.  The commuter tax would tax people based on their method of transportation to and from their place of business.  For instance there could be a flat rate tax per year based on your yearly income for those that travel by car to work.  It could be done by the number of miles they commute or by the number of counties that they pass through to get to their work.  For instance, I live in DeKalb County,  but I work in Fulton County.  It is less than a 10 mile commute each way.   The commuter tax could be based on a one county change and the number of miles traversed for that commute.  That might encourage people to move closer to where they work to reduce their taxes paid or to find employment closer to where they live.   It would also balance a little of the housing bubble, but not in a city like Atlanta.  It would certainly reduce the number of people that live on one side of the city and work on the opposite side.  What I mean by these people is a 60 mile one way commute across five counties every day.   It would create demand for many houses out in the middle of nowhere.

Ok,  onto other things.

Let's talk about airplanes and rates for tickets.   In July I had several airplane rides.  This got me thinking in one situation about overweight people and ticket prices.   I think me and my yummy kitty housemate were going to Las Vegas.  We did not have seats right next to each other.  She was on one side of the isle and I was on the other.   Her seat was next to a woman who was really taking up two seats.   The fat woman was so large,  she sat on her seat belt and felt totally ok with using my kitty's seat belt.  She was almost offended that my kitty could not find her own seatbelt.  This lady was not a little overweight.  She was freaking obnoxiously overweight.   She should have been sold two seats at the ticket counter.  I am surprised that she was able to make it down the isle.  Anyway,  this got me thinking....which is a good thing and bad thing.  Many people do not like my thinking when I think and when I state something as simple as this:    Airlines should charge passengers as if they were a box being shipped by UPS.  Your ticket should be based as if you were a package.   You should be weighed at the airport,  and there would be a flat rate if you fit into some standard height/weight chart  If you weigh more than the accepted standard height/weight chart,  then you will pay an extra fee per pound that you are over that chart's range.   This will encourage people that fly on a regular basis to be more fit....because it will cost them less to fly.  It will also allow the airlines to be a better business because right now they sell tickets at the same rate no matter how much the package weighs.   If you had a plane full of people that were as large as the lady that was taking up two seats,  then that plane would probably have to ask many people to get off---it simply would not be able to fly.

I was able to get another passenger to move a seat or two over to get my kitty her own seat right next to me.  The fat lady was able to have her own two seats and all was well for the seating in the tube after that.

What have I been doing to keep me from writing so much lately?   Well,  primarily I have been in love.   Secondly I have been preparing for my kitty to come to visit.  I took my half bath and made it a full bath so my Kitty would have her own bedroom and bathroom.  I have also been working on the El Camino and a little on the Camaro.   My kitty came from Istanbul in July and stayed here in the house with me for a month.   We found our way to Cancun,  Mexico,  Las Vegas,  Disney in Florida,  and even to Cape Canaveral to visit NASA.   We also went to a few places around Atlanta,  and rode many a ride at Six Flags.   I did not use the computer much during her stay here,  because I had her in my presence and did not need the computer to communicate with her.   I think I realized I could unplug the computers completely and be ok with it in the house while she was here.  

My kitty has a name of course.....It is Selin.  She is the sweetest person I have ever known.   She has me completely and I have her.   She is back in Istanbul now,  and I miss her presence here.  I miss coming home to her on the few days a week that I worked.   I miss making food with her and traveling to far away places with her.  I miss going shopping with her,  and we did a lot of shopping during her visit.  Shopping for basic life needed stuff...Mainly food.   I miss the whole of her being here.  I see her everyday and chat with her into the night.   I think I have spent some time with her in some way just about everyday since I visited her in Istanbul in July of 2004.   She has never left my heart.  There were a few days when she was out of town and I could not see her or chat with her,  but I was able to talk to her via telephone.....She has a cellular phone and so do I,  so that is nice.   I am a lucky, lucky boy to have found the love of my life.   There are some hurdles that must be overcome,  but we are ok if they are not overcome.....We know that we exist in the world and will be there for each other.  That is what matters the most.   Sure,  I would love to be with her every day in person for the rest of my life,  but if all I can have of her is one week a year and every day online,  then so be it.   I will have her any way I can.  

The house projects and car projects have kept me from updating the web pages as much as I used to,  but that is ok.  I have been distracted in the best way possible by them and by my kitty.  The web can wait for it's updates on my projects and my thinking thoughts that are written online.


For now,  I am done with this update.  I will write again.....


04.28.2005....Here is a little something I threw together real quick.  As you can tell,  I did not spend much time on it.


04.12.2005---Been a little while since I wrote something,  but I saw an article about the US Space Shuttle program that I must state my opinion on....

Ok,  so if the shuttle gets into trouble NASA will launch another shuttle in around 30-35 days to rescue the astronauts and push 3 billion dollars of equipment into the ocean or to burn up in the atmosphere...Ok.  This is a plan to save the lives of the astronauts.   What happens if the rescue shuttle gets into trouble as well?   What if in the haste to launch a rescue another problem happens?  

I have the solution....It is over 30 years old,  but it is still a solution.  A little old,  but it should work well....It is proven technology and low technology at that.  Splashdown.   Apollo missions.....water landings in a capsule.   Build a new capsule system that will fit into the shuttle cargo bay.   Launch it into space into a nice high orbit or attach it to the space station.   A free orbit would be better as it would be anyone's lifeboat in the future if ever needed.   If one can be built and put into space,  then another can be built and put into space.   One will always be there.  Do not put the shuttle into the ocean.  Leave it there to be repaired in space in the future.   Hell,  send it to the moon before you call it quits and let it go to waste.   One mission up takes the fully loaded and stocked lifeboat.   Another mission takes another fully loaded lifeboat.   Yet another mission takes spare parts and separate boosters for possible use in moving a disabled shuttle to higher orbit with lots of fuel and supplies.  Hell,  the shuttle can probably be launched and put into a high orbit by remote control.  Why not just take the third shuttle and put it into space and leave it there as a lifeboat?  

There are not enough wonderful things going on in this world to kill off our space program---which is what our government is really trying to do.....they are trying to kill off the manned space program.   They want to revert back to unmanned missions.   The fact is:  We need to be more involved with space travel.  It is the destiny of humans to leave this planet permanently as we are slowly, but surely, using all of the resources and killing this planet.  If we do not leave this place in the future,  then humans from Earth will be extinct in the future.   Our escape needs to be worked on at a feverish pace.  Do not go backwards.  Go forwards.  Plan to leave this place en masse.   If we had to leave in six months to continue our existence,  could we do that?   Could we survive and thrive off of this planet on another or in a space station if push came to shove?   We need to be at that point where we could survive.  You should consider that the ultimate human lifeboat.   Pick a spot in the sky.  Any spot.   That is our lifeboat.

If the people that control this country do not see a financial reward in continued exploration of space,  then those people will see no reward when air is a precious commodity.   They will see no reward in anything except living.    When the last seats are filled on the last rocket to seek refuge on another planet or on a self sustaining space station,  those seats should go to paupers and poets.   No presidents,  senators,  congressmen,  or committee members should be allowed to escape because of their poor planning and bad judgement.

Oh,  and by the way.....Please save the Hubble space telescope.   It is a national treasure and should be repaired and maintained at any cost.   There will never be any financial reward for it's being in space.  But it does give rewards beyond value.   It allows us to see farther and clearer than any politician could ever see.  Well beyond his stock values and checking account balance.


Have a nice night.

03.06.2005---"Life is too short to be driving a car with only a 6 cylinder engine."   I think I have just decided that I will go back to driving a car that is either a little younger than me or a little older.  I like the Infiniti.  It rolls nice.  But I miss the fact that a chunky old American V8 just kicks the shit out of a fuel efficient V6.  Plus,  I can do all the maintenance on it.   Just a note to let you know.


02.17.2005---How about tax everybody? No matter what their income is. Everyone over a certain averaged income level per year does not receive social security benefits at all....But they all contribute to it. Everyone that has accumulated a nest egg that is 10 times the worth of the total per person Social Security outlay does not get Social Security benefits.

Most of these Phat Bastids that make 250k+ a year for 10 years or more should be considered eligible for contributions, but not eligible for receiving them....Consider it a PHB Tax.

Just another idea that will never get passed cause those that make the laws all make more than enough to never need Social Security, but they all still want to receive it even if they don't need it.


01.22.2005---Been a while since I last wrote anything,  so here it goes.....Tomorrow I will hopefully travel to New York,  and then on to Barcelona.  The weather in New York promises to be relatively shitty so I may have to try to get on stand by in Atlanta to get to New York early so I don't miss my flight out of New York to Spain.   Not looking forward to that crapola.   If previous flights have been delayed or cancelled,  then I am screwed anyway.   I have been working on the Home Data Center Project(tm) lately as well as the bathroom in the master bedroom.....Bathroom is coming along.  It will be done soon I think.  Plumbing is plumbed except for the shower drain---which I will get someone else to do.   Once that is done I will do the floors myself I think.  In the meantime I will continue to work on the walls making them smooth and flat with lots of drywall goo and tape and dust.  A generally dirty job.   I do not like that part of it.  Once walls and floor are done,  then I can paint the walls their secret color.  Once the walls are colored I can put in the toilet and sink and other bathroom things.  Then that part of this ongoing project will be complete.   I have been taking pictures of the project for a while now,  but will wait until I am done to make their little slideshow.   Maybe I will write a little on the plane with the laptop I m bringing....Not sure how long the battery will last with it,  but it will be worth a try I think.   Not sure if I will be able to get what I write out of the laptop before it leaves my possession into the hands of my love.   Maybe what I write there will be for her to read when she gets home....I am looking forward to being with her again.   Not necessarily the destination,  but the company that will be there to meet me and spend her time with me.  Enough for now,  I still have lots to do before tomorrow.  Wish me luck.


10.03.2004---So, I don't really care much for politics and I refuse to vote for clowns....so I will not be voting again this year....But I will watch the debates on TV....It has great entertainment value. For instance: Our current President---George W Bush is a bumbling idiot...If he is re-elected it will just prove that the majority of Americans---and the Electoral collage are bumbling idiots. Would we be better off with Gore as President----who won the election in 2000 by the popular vote---but lost because of the Electoral college bumbling idiots. Electoral college should be disbanded. I do not think it serves a valid purpose and misleads the public into thinking that they have the final say as to who will be the President of the United States of America. Each person=1 vote. Whoever has the most votes wins. Enough of the Electoral College BS. It is there as a safety mechanism and encourages the Presidents to spend the majority of their time in the state with the most Electoral college votes.

Will the USA be better off with a different leader in the White House? Most definitely. Just about every country has some sort of gripe with the US. I do not disagree with most of them. I have a feeling that at some point the European Union will become a Superpower along with China to wrestle the USA back into it's needed place....And to make sure that the leaders of this once great nation do not go out of their way to make money by being the world Superpower or "police".

This country seems to be slowly spiraling downward in it's ranks and in the opinion of the rest of the world. I have a few suggestions to make things better for the US and for the rest of the world....Things that should happen in the US to make things better in the rest of the world.

First off: Tax reform.

Equal taxes for everyone that has an income. Flat rate: 25% for individuals and for businesses. No tax breaks or loopholes for anyone. If you cheat on your taxes, you will be imprisoned for life, and all of your assets will be sold---both corporate and private assets will be sold to pay for your incarceration.

If it is a company that cheats on it's taxes, then the financial officer, accountants, and top three executives will be the ones to take the fall. They will lose their own assets as well as their company most likely...

Eliminate local and state taxes as well as local sales taxes....In short order, consolidate the governments of this nation...consolidate the services of these governments....

Have a single federal sales tax. This money would go towards many of the services that your local governments provide or "waste". People in low income brackets would have the ability to get a refund on their federal sales taxes paid every year....This would make it easier for them to survive with a 25% tax rate....

Second: Bring back politicians for the people.

Politicians are often seen as dirty individuals out for their own benefit more than the benefit of the people that they represent...Bring back honest Politicians. Make it a serious crime to be an unethical Politician.....Unethical in personal affairs is none of our business....and should be punished by note voting for them again.....but if you take a bribe or give provable favors to some company that you have some sort of ties to, then the penalty should be death. Yes, that is right, Death. I think the only way to make Politicians honest is to make sure they are there for the right reasons. To help their constituents....Not themselves. Death would be a nice way to keep them honest....Oh, and since they were elected to public office "by the people and for the people.", then their execution should be public....And then their assets should be sold to pay for it.

There is a reason why there are so many clowns in public office.

There is a reason why the rest of the world hates us.

We give them these noble notions that you should run your government a certain way.....Yet we do not give a very good example...

I will not vote in the foreseeable future....unless I am the anti-clown out to change the world.

07.31.2004---Turkey was a beautiful place. Filled with beautiful people. Did not encounter any bad people. I can see how Americans are regarded as being standoffish because the Turkish are such a friendly people. I like the landscape and the history and will return there at some point in the future, but cannot say when. Things I missed: reasonable driving, Mountain Dew. Everything else I can do without....including most Americans and partially my nest. I seem to get this attitude when I see the world differently for a while....of course I have long known that there is a fog that covers most eyes, a fog that comes and goes, but mostly it stays with the person until they are fully awake....or awoken.

Not looking forward to the fun filled adventures of putting out fires when I return to work. Must locate a super company to develop in the near future. The people are out there, it is just a matter of me being made aware of their location. Some say I am not an evil person, but in the ways of some things, I can be terribly evil. The super company is one of those evil ways.

I miss my castle already. I am very curious as to how the pictures will turn out. Wish I had of brought my cables and everything needed to capture them without making them into videos. I wonder how Fifi will accept her small gift as well as her larger gift....And even the parental units for that matter. They deserve a nice gift I think. Wish I could have gotten the Princess a better gift, but that will happen in time in maybe a different place.

I am currently riding in a small plane. Original plane was big enough to hold my spoils. This one is smaller than most that are stored at PDK. I would much rather be in a larger tube filled with armrest hungry I believe. Air travel will continue to get worse until the industry collapses back into a more restricted---upper class only method of transportation. With the coming fuel crisis, this will be in the very near future for sure. To spend 24 hours traveling a few thousand miles is not unreasonable. To spend 14 hours traveling and 10 hours waiting or going through freaking lines is unreasonable. Still it is much better than a three month boat ride. It is the way of the world currently. I still like my idea of the tube that holds lots of tubes.....where you can lay down in your own tube and sleep. This should be a two hour flight, but will more than likely be longer because this plane is much slower than a regular sized 40 year old plane.

I do wonder if the fish will want hot dogs when I get home.....if they will remember them....or if they will be sulking on the bottom because no one has been sitting in the closest chair for them to stare at. Those fish are freaky smart....maybe they really do know everything. If I can teach them to hear me, that would be ideal. They are capable of tricks....

I think I am supposed to go to some sort of party tonight. I am not sure I will go. I am not even sure what day it should be. Clock says Saturday, but that does not feel right. It feels like a Wednesday, and I wish it was. Read some of my book earlier. Will not finish it this trip....maybe in bed I will finish it, but more than likely will sleep for a day or so. I have a feeling that the yard will need to be maintained when I return...not looking forward to that chore....I am curious about the bills that have been piling up. That should be fun. It is nice seeing where the ants live through the hole in the clouds.

Well, I had better take a nap or something so I do not kill anyone close to me on this long and perilous journey--which is coming to an end. Even though it has just started, it is just ending...I need a better vacation policy....a permanent one.

I confirmed what I have known for a long time on this trip. That the Princess is truly a kind soul and one that I wish to keep near me both in presence and heart. I think I am waking up after my long sleep and I thank her for that.

07.30.2004---Been a while since I updated....so I shall update.

Ok, so I have left Atlanta and moved on to a nice long tube it seats 7 across with two aisles. Many international travelers on this plane. I am sitting next to lady from Germany I believe. I have not had a mountain dew today....when I land in New York I will have to crack one open and consume before I have a headache that brings me down. I tried to have one earlier, but dropped it on the floor, and then like an idiot proceeded to open the well shaken aluminum container. It went all over me. Made a wet spot in one of the more embarrassing places. There was a reason I wore the black clothes for the airplane ride.


I was wrong, the woman next to me is from Turkey, not Germany. This is sort of a bumpy plane ride I guess. I have felt somewhat weightless for a few times too many. They did not include enough pretzels in my snack. I am hungry and need to eat some food.

I feel like air travel is becoming more and more of a hassle. I had a paper ticket, but needed a boarding pass to get past security---which requires checking in. My shoes set off their little shoe bomb detector so I had to remove them. Laptop needed to be removed from it's bag and placed in tray. They did not hassle me about anything in my backpack---the Mountain Dew would surely raise some eyebrows.....it is good that none were raised.

I guess at this time I could start to write about some of my conspiracy theories as well as what I think is going to happen in the near-to-long-future. Let's go through them real quick before I forget shall we?
These are not in chronological order.
Global warming: warms, then cools the Earth.
Natural Resources: Depletion, then all hell breaks loose.
Alternative Fuels: No time like the present to get started.
Public Transportation: Again, not time like the present to get started.

First off, let me remind you that I am all about the V8. I love horsepower and torque and the fact that the best way of making this power right now is via the refining of oil into gasoline. I like controlled explosions. I do not like the future that I see and will happen in due time, the question is more of a matter of when. Many of the theories outlined above are more of a chain of events----with the one that will happen first leading the way for the others....Of course burning all of the fossil fuels promotes the idea of global warming....without fossil fuel use, there would be no global warming issue....or would there?

I can already tell that this little article is going to progress into somewhat of a longer one, so you should be concerned if you have read this far, because you might have a lot longer of a read coming up.

Ok...so I have already been in Istanbul, traveled around with the Princess for a week and am now sitting in the airport waiting on a plane that is delayed.....So tired that I want to sleep, but I cannot for if I do, I am fairly certain that I will miss my flight...hahahahha. I am not sure what will happen if my plane is delayed and I miss my connecting flight in New York to Atlanta....just finished eating some cheeseburgers and smoking a cigarette...yummy. I managed to either connect to someone's unsecured wireless access or some free stuff that they offer in the airport....It works fairly well, although it is sort of slow. We shall see if I can upload this to one or many of the sites in a few minutes. I am doing a pretty good job of typing considering my lack of sleepage....more either later or when I wake up from my dream.


05.10.2004---I have been buying bread for a while now.....I keep buying grocery store made bread....You know generally the kind that is made at the grocery store or made somewhere and then has the local store's name on it....I don't think I will be buying this bread anymore....I have been waiting for it to get better, but I have waited long enough. The grocery store bread just falls apart too easily---even when it is supposedly fresh. It is just not as soft and flexible as name brand bread....Sunbeam, Colonial, etc.. I think it is worth double the price to have hot dog buns that are cut in the middle and do not fall apart when you go to separate. Being thrifty does have it's merits, but there are some things that are worth spending extra on....the bread issue is one of those things. Sure there are other things that you should not take the cheap road on, but right now I am focused on the bread....Just returned from the store and was looking forward to some yummy hot dogs and the bread just sort of ruined it....Sure it is still edible, but it is not the same....Just not the same. For comparison I have one left over hot dog bun from two weeks ago that was Colonial bread...It is still softer and retains it's shape better than the cheapie grocery store name brand bread.....BTW the grocery store bread I am talking about is from Publix.  Kroger bread is at the same level of quality....I have tried them all. Now the potato bread is pretty good at retaining it's shape, but it is a thicker bread....Hell, you can probably stick that stuff in some water and it will start some shoots or something....Soon you will have a potato farm going.

01.16.2004---This may inspire more lawsuits, but what the hell.

01.15.2004---Just a little something funny I created,  just for yew.....


01.07.2004---So the government is offering bonuses to soldiers who reenlist.... I say this is ok, but not deserving of the commitment that the soldiers make and the risks they take on behalf of their government and their country.

This is what I propose to make the volunteer military service even more so exceptional and inviting.....You get paid while you are in the Military. It is a tax free life while serving. You also get a year of tax free life for every year of service that you can use at any time in the future when you are not directly employed by the government. This means that you could choose your tax free year when you win the lottery or when someone leaves you a large sum of money or as a gift year, etc. That would entice many people into the military that have business aspirations as well as sports aspirations.......Anyone that has the capability to make lots of money will want to serve because of the benefits of those tax free years. You could serve for two years and save your tax savings for the year you retire, to withdraw all of your money without taxation whatsoever.

I would consider the military for such a benefit.....Not for a bonus for an extended term.....


01.03.2004---Just a bit of funny-haha.

Getting the most from your I.T. department

1. When you call us to have your computer moved, be sure to leave it
buried under half a ton of postcards, baby pictures, stuffed animals,
dried flowers, bowling trophies and children's art. We don't have
a life, and we find it deeply moving to catch a fleeting glimpse
of yours.

2. Don't write anything down. Ever. We can play back the error messages
from here.

3. When an I.T. person says he's coming right over, go for coffee. That
way you won't be there when we need your password. It's nothing for us to
remember 300 screen saver passwords.

4. When you call the help desk, state what you want, not what's keeping
you from getting it. We don't need to know that you can't get into your mail
because your computer won't power on at all.

6. When I.T. support sends you an E-Mail with high importance, delete it
at once. We're just testing.

7. When an I.T. person is eating lunch at his desk, walk right in and
spill your guts right out. We exist only to serve.

8. Send urgent email all in uppercase. The mail server picks it up and
flags it as a rush delivery.

9. When the photocopier doesn't work, call computer support. There's
electronics in it.

10. When you're getting a NO DIAL TONE message at home, call computer
support. We can fix your telephone line from here.

11. When you have a dozen old computer screens to get rid of, call
computer support. We're collectors.

12. When something's wrong with your home PC, dump it on an I.T.
person's chair with no name, no phone number and no description of
the problem. We love a puzzle.

13. When an I.T. person tells you that computer screens don't have
cartridges in them, argue. We love a good argument.

14. When an I.T. person tells you that he'll be there shortly, reply in
a scathing tone of voice : "And just how many weeks do you mean by
shortly?". That motivates us.

15. When the printer won't print, re-send the job at least 20 times.
Print jobs frequently get sucked into black holes.

16. When the printer still won't print after 20 tries, send the job to
all 68 printers in the company. One of them is bound to work.

17. Don't learn the proper name for anything technical. We know exactly
what you mean by "my thingy blew up".

18. Don't use on-line help. On-line help is for wimps.

19. If the mouse cable keeps knocking down the framed picture of your
dog, lift the computer and stuff the cable under it. Mouse cables were
designed to have 20kg of computer sitting on top of them.

20. If the space bar on your keyboard doesn't work, blame it on the mail
upgrade. Keyboards are actually very happy with half a pound of muffin
crumbs and nail clippings in them.

21. When you get a message saying "Are you sure?" click on that Yes
button as fast as you can. Hell, if you weren't sure, you wouldn't
be doing it, would you ?

22. When you find an I.T. person on the phone with his bank, sit
uninvited on the corner of his desk and stare at him until he hangs up.
We don't have any money to speak of anyway.

23. Feel perfectly free to say things like "I don't know nothing about
that computer crap". We don't mind at all hearing our area of
professional expertise referred to as crap.

24. When you need to change the toner cartridge in a printer, call
I.T. support. Changing a toner cartridge is an extremely complex task,
and Hewlett-Packard recommends that it be performed only by a
professional engineer with a master's degree in nuclear physics.

25. When you can't find someone in the government directory, call
I.T. Support.

26. When you have a lock to pick on an old file cabinet, call I.T.
Support. We love to hack.

27. When something's the matter with your computer, ask your
secretary to call the help desk. We enjoy the challenge of having to
deal with a third party who doesn't know anything about the problem.

28. When you receive a 30mb (huge) movie file, send it to everyone
as a mail attachment. We've got lots of disk space on that mail server.

29. Don't even think of breaking large print jobs down into smaller
chunks. Somebody else might get a chance to squeeze a memo into the

30. When an I.T. person gets on the elevator pushing $100,000 worth
of computer equipment on a cart, ask in a very loud voice: "Good grief,
you take the elevator to go DOWN one floor?!?" That's another one that
cracks us up no end.

31. When you lose your car keys, send an email to the entire company.
People out in Birmingham like to keep abreast of what's going on.

32. When you bump into an I.T. person at the grocery store on a
Saturday, ask a computer question. We do weekends.

33. Don't bother to tell us when you move computers around on your
own. Computer names are just a cosmetic feature.

34. When you bring your own personal home PC for repair at the
office, leave the documentation at home. We'll find all the settings
and drivers somewhere.

35. In no way do we believe that end-users are ungrateful. It hurts our
feelings that one could even think such a thing on the basis of the
above statements. In truth we wish to express our deepest gratitude
to the hundreds of wonderful end-users portrayed herein, without whom
none of this would have been remotely possible.

We truly love you, end-users, you spice up our lives no end.

12.31.2003---Ah, one of my more favorite days of the year....The day when all that has been for the past year is reviewed and all that will happen in the next year is waiting to occur.

It was a busy year in the national news and world news for sure. The personal news world was not that busy for sure. I think I do this every year because right now I feel a keen sense of saying this before.....I don't remember anything of any great importance that has happened to me in the past year. Nothing that stands out yet again as a great moment in the life of Bill or any act or event that deserves merit. I am sure that there were moments that other people may see as significant, those are oblivious to me. I will think harder about this in the near future for sure....If next year is a bright and shiny one, I am positive I will see this past year as being better than it really was. It was just another year. Nothing more than that.

Bleh. What do I expect to see in the next year? Good question. I don't expect anything. I would like to see a few things happen though....

I would like to come up with my very own original thought or idea. This should be a no brainer. I do this all of the time. I will just have to be extra careful on sharing of those ideas. Too many people out there take my little thoughts and ideas as their own and accept credit or begin to believe they are some sort of authority on some matter. I guess I will need to be a more quiet authority on certain subjects.

Bwahahahahaha. Yeah, that is likely to happen.

I would like to finish my current projects that I have started in the past around the homestead. Let's refresh our memories of our unfinished projects: Kitchen: Still not done yet---It only looks done. 69 Camaro: Um, not done. Lots to do on the car project. Bathrooms: One has been destroyed, the other is still used. We will get to that after the end of January more than likely.

Or maybe we will sell the house and move somewhere else before these projects are finished. Anything can happen in a split second in my world....As it forever should be.

I will continue to work. That is my life after all. I dedicate more time to work than anything else in this world---which is true of everyone really. You work more than you sleep. A third of your day working, less than a third sleeping, and even more less than a third doing other non-work-non-sleep things. We can hope for a better world at work this year. I wish I could see it as just a paycheck.

Oh, well. It's 10 minutes to midnight now. Dick Clark is on TV. He really is looking more and more like a plastic man every year. Someone should put a stop to that sort of madness. Other mad nesses can go awry, but that one should be put down.

I hope that your new year gives you everything that you want and/or deserve, and despite my usual negative or indifferent outlook on things, I secretly hope that I will get what I want and/or deserve. It's nothing less than that and should be everyone's credo.


11.28.2003---Ok,  so Michele's birthday is the 26th of November.  Save this page now so there is no question in the future.   I speak of a great many conspiracy theories...Or at least I used to anyway before the page was modified(censored)....Here is a neat one I have been working over in my head for the past few months.....It involves the U.S. in general as well as Iraq and the entire middle east....It is a great one.  I will try to explain it as best I can in the easiest mind-to-text way that is possible for me.....I have never been very good at communicating my ideas--better just to make them happen rather than explain them to people,  but I will try.

The real reason the U.S. has ousted Saddam and liberated Iraq?   It is not oil reserves.  It is not money.  It is global position and climate.   You see, the whole global warming thing is happening,  and it is a regular occurrence on this planet.   We are in the rising temperature phase---helped out by humans,  but normal in the Earth's cycle.   The planet gets warm,  and then finds a way to cool itself.   Iraq and it's neighboring regions are in the rather warm zone right now.  Dry,  arid,  hot, not very plant friendly now.   But give it a few years and the area will be the best place to grow things on the planet.  Why is that?   It is because the Earth's current food growing regions are going to be come colder,  the whole of the Earth's temperatures are soon to drop...effectively bucking the trend of global warming....The Earth will correct itself in a major way.   The US wants a foothold in the Middle East for nothing more than food production.   The US produces a large percentage of it's own supply of basic foods as well as exports of grain to the rest of the world and other varieties of cow,  chicken,  and other yummy things.   If the temperature were to drop 15 degrees across the board, that would pretty much screw not only the US Economy as well as starve billions of people around the world and take money and make it useless.   Food will be the currency of choice.  The hot and dry regions---the deserts---will then become areas that are able to sustain the production of food stuffs.   Cows will be able to graze,  grain will grow...etc.   Iraq and the middle east will be a temporary fix for the decline in global temperatures.....We will use that space to sustain our food supply until the smoke and ash clears from the atmosphere.

What smoke and ash you say?    Ah,  here is the real kicker.   There exists places on the Earth's surfaces that are rather subdued.....In more ways than one.  Supervolcanoes.   We have a lovely one in the first national park of our country.  Yellowstone.  It is starting it's active phase after over  600,000 years of being nice harmless geysers and warm springs.   Not your typical volcano,  this one is sized up in miles across.....It's power does indeed come from beneath the surface.  Not your mountain forming a bulge,  but as far as your eyes can see a small rise in the ground.   A giant chamber below the surface building up pressure from several miles below....When one of these go off,  you are not looking at a Mount St. Helens sort of blast,  which shows it's devastation in a 1-10 mile radius.....You are looking at a complete loss of life in a 600 mile radius.   The resulting cloud of ash will circle the globe for years....Decreasing sunlight,  taking normally green areas and making them dirty snow covered hills and valleys,  and those areas that were once dry into possible farmland----Iraq and the middle east---Only because of the temperature change....Oh,  this will be a several year ordeal that will change the lives of everyone on the planet....After 10 years or so,  things will start to grow again in the immediate devastation areas,  and those that were hit with the majority of the ash fallout will see boom years in production of green things,  but the population all over the world will suffer great losses.   The question is when will it happen.  There is already increased activity in the park with ground temperatures rising to the boiling point where there used to be no geothermal activity.   Areas of the park have been closed off due to safety concerns......The power of such a volcanic event could be heard around the world,  but that does not just include the actual sound....Such an event of releasing stress could also trigger other geological events such as dormant faults becoming active again during the eruption---as well as major active faults doing their own correction--In effect making a chain reaction of epic proportions---The regions closest to the eruption would see these actions the most....The volcanic regions in the Northwest---Mt Rainier, St.  Helens, The Three Sisters,  etc....California would be spared for the most part from the Yellowstone eruption,  but may take significant damage from the resulting stress relief of their San Andreas Fault......The East would not take a great deal of ash fallout,  but the New Madrid Fault might make it's presence known in an event equal to or greater than those recorded back in 1812 and 1814.....We have not been here in this country long enough to know about that one,  but those events are some of the largest earthquakes in all of recorded history....It would devastate many regions on the plate going East of the Mississippi river to New England down to the borders of Florida.....Truly a multiple one two three four knockdown punch.

Makes you wonder if maybe Atlantis is out there buried at the bottom of an ocean somewhere,  and well,  America could very well become some sort of mythical place that was destroyed in fire and brimstone long ago,  but barely remembered by the tens of thousands that were left to start over the world with another chance to do it right....Or to escape our volatile planet for one around a distant star,  or another in our own solar system that is not out to correct itself so often or to "shrug us off like a dog with fleas" as George Carlin once said.

Happy Friday.


11.2.2003---Wow November already?  Time flies by when you are merely existing eh?   Fortune cookie fortune from a couple of weeks ago...You know the drill...."Time is money."  In bed.  bwahahahahaha


10.15.2003---Hot Pockets are on sale at Kroger.....$1.50 a box. That's .75 per pocket.

I bought 40 packages of two.

That should feed the tapeworm for a while.

Oh, and the fishies that eat other fishies also happen to like the hot dogs that are inseminated with cheese. Go figure...I wonder if fish fart....


10.13.2003---Have not written much lately.  I have been lame.  I did however reinstall all of the crappy software on the encoding machines to make them nice heaters for the winter.  It is rather warm in the office eight now will all of the feeds back on again.  The windows are open and the neighbors must hate the music that is streaming out through those open windows.  bwahahahaha.  A week or so ago I received a fortune in a cookie from some Chinese Food...You know the drill...."You have much skill in expressing yourself to be effective" in bed. Bwahahahaa.    I came across this little tidbit of information that I do find amusing:

Is it a smart idea to take advice?

Here's the only advice you should ever take:   Don't ever take advice.

Sounds like advice,  but that's not advice.  That's a paradox,  and the whole point of a paradox is that you can't follow it.  Actually,  there could be some advice worth taking.  Unfortunately,  it's not the kind that people give out.

Nearly everyone who knows what they are doing keeps it to themselves.  If they shared it, then everyone would know what they knew and it would not work anymore.

That is my advice for the day.


09.24.2003---Came across this little tidbit,  which just happens to be one of the funniest freaking videos I have seen in a while.....If you are in an office,  or a cube,  be sure to call the p0rn police....


09.14.2003---I will have to start posting my fortunes from my Chinese food restaurant adventures online....You know how it goes....whatever the fortune is,  you add "In Bed." to the end of your fortune....I went out tonight to the local bar...the expected result happened which just happened to be ,  um,  nothing.   Anyway,  the fortune after I ate the "Pineapple Duck"--which was good,  but too sweet,  even for me reads..."A handful of patience is worth more than a bushel of brains."  In Bed....Bwahahahaha...Don't I know the patience part of that fuckstickin fortune?  Bwahahahahaha.   Now let me cry me a river...Where is Brittany Spears when you need her most?


09.10.2003--- A chat I had just reminded me of a theory that I will have to write about.....
Do you believe in evolution?  Which part do you not believe?      Ok, well we started out as slime, then became less slimy, then even more so slimy until we crawled onto land, then a few hundred million years pass and we are furry....Then we are less furry, then we can walk upright and can make tools, but still live in caves...Finally we build a social structure and are even less furry.
We are at the current day.
Still some fur, but not nearly as furry as we were a few hundred million years ago.   In today's social structure....Females seek the furriest creatures they can find.   The more fur you have, the better chance of your offspring of having more fur.     Furry critters make more furry critters.     So, if all the furry creatures continue to breed, then evolution will eventually end....We will be halting the advancement of our species.
We will in effect be breeding our history back into our genes, and not our future which is unknown.

What I would like to see is the elimination of all races of people.
In time, this will most certainly happen....There will be a single human race, not Asian, or white or black...a pure mutt of everything....truly the beautiful people of the world. Imagine all the wonderful aspects of all ethnicities blended together...no borders of race whatsoever.
Most people do not see me as attractive. Give me a head full of hair and I am that beautiful person....

That is why I would like a wig for certain days...if just to prove a point.
I will have to do that as a test......Get a wig, go out in public....Meet people...Then remove wig.

Watch reaction.  But do it as a total experiment, and let them know that they were a part of it.
I would like to see how humans evolve, but I wish that we were all equal and the world was not based so much on physical beauty as it is now.
It cannot evolve correctly being a plastic society.

Think about it.....
The beautiful people will end up making babies with the beautiful people.    The ugly people will make them with the ugly people...The two sides of evolution will eventually die out and only one will win...At some point the more evolved people will stop mating altogether because they just keep getting uglier and uglier, and the beautiful people are getting farther and father away and unwilling to mate with those furless freaks....

They are becoming so beautiful as to be godlike....

Haven't you seen how beautiful most of the children are these days?

No, once the evolved hairless humans cannot stand to mate with their ugly male/female counterparts, the beautiful ones---with all those left over genes of human evolution will start turning back into the monkeys from which they evolved...They will lose their brain power slowly and become more and more furry again....The exact thing they are trying to avoid.

In a few short years, evolution will be set back millions of years due to the fur reaching consequences of beauty.....Don't le it happen! Mate with a furless being...Allow humans to become a singular race.....Do not succumb to the pull of the fur.

It is our destiny to be furless....Don't fight it, or you may end up looking like a monkey in a BMW some day.


09.07.2003---I removed my E-bay auction cause no one wanted to buy my "being"....and I did not feel like having to provide a new towel and a slightly used Tupperware container....My favorite time of year I think is here.....that time of year that requires no air conditioning and no heat....I was exceptionally outgoing tonight at the local bar that I frequent on a weekly+- basis.   There was a yummy chickie sitting in a booth by herself...she came in alone and sat alone,  so at some point I interrupted her aloneness.   She works close by and I made it a point to let her know that I live close by so the next time she wants to go to my favorite close by haunt and not be alone that she should call and I will meet her there.   I will not hold my breath for the phone to ring,  but damn,  it sure would be nice.  :)


09.05.2003---The latest item I have put up for sale on E-Bay was removed......Go slow with your bidding,  we don't want a slugfest to occur.


09.01.2003---Here's a nifty flash animation for all of you cow lovers out there.....


08.21.2003---Yet another airplane ride in the works. Nice big plane. Lots of people on this ride to the city of sin. This plane has the airspeed, altitude and the friendly map to show you where in the world you are at right now. I like the ability to know that we are cruising at 31000 feet and at 540 m.p.h. over podunk Alabama. All of Alabama is podunk in my opinion. This is definitely one of the cleaner Delta planes that I have been on in the recent past. They are all clean on the inside, it's the outside dirtiness that disturbs me. Planes generally are moving fairly fast to accumulate dirt, unless they are sitting on the ground not being flown for a long period of time. I have seen many Delta planes with black gook on the top of them. The El Camino gets the same gook on it when it sits in the rain outside for many months without moving. Now if that same theory holds true for airplanes, I don't think I would want to get into a dirty plane, because chances are the gas will have water in it, the battery will be dead and the tires will be flat, not to mention the musty odor of the mildew that has inevitably grown over the interior surface of such said non-moving El Camino.

Ah the fun in traveling. The weather looks to be just as interesting this trip as it has in the past....It will be warm, but there will be rain. Apparently they had some pretty serious flooding yesterday and it is likely to be similar conditions today. At least it will not be cold and raining like it was in January of 2002.

Made it to Mexico in one piece and returned in one piece amazingly so. I had a pretty good time with Nafice. She is an excellent travel partner. I do wonder where it is we will go next. I have many pictures to put onto the site from the trip....Many of which must be censored first by Fifi. Not that any of them are inappropriate pictures, just pictures that are not desired to be viewed by the entire world that seeks them out. I generally put the pictures of there that I make in the same fashion of how I write. They just get stuck out there and rarely if ever edited or reviewed anytime afterwards, unless I get some outside force putting pressure on me to do so. Fifi is the outside force before the fact. I do not mind. She just wants to make sure that she likes the pictures that contain her that will go online. If I was god awful beautiful, I would do the same thing. But I am not. I am just a god. That is how I will stay.

I bought a few more pieces of art in Mexico. Alexander Flores art. Very colorful stuff. The next time I get more of it, I don't think I will be making the purchase in person unless I am flying down there for the weekend in my own little jet with my honey to keep me company and to navigate. It may be a while before this happens, but you never know..... We spent most of our time on the beach in one way or another. Both of us getting baked in the sun, FiFi getting the worst of that sun. I drank many a beer while there. I liked having a beer in the morning and using it as a staple to my already consistent diet. Such a lifestyle I could certainly deal with. I could definitely master it.

The pricing of everyday items such as beer has increased in Cancun, as well as foodstuffs. Restaurant food pricing has increased a significant amount. They are essentially charging American prices for stuff that is local. Corona is water. Water is cheap. You would think water would be cheaper than beer, but water is not so cheap. Beer is cheaper at Wal-Mart in Cancun----Yes they do have one in the downtown area. The friendly SuperMarket which I frequented so often during the trip in 2000 did not have very friendly pricing. Just to give you an example. A neighbor asked for me to bring them a bottle of a certain type of Tequila. The SuperMarket price was $850 pesos. Another store near one of the Flea Markets was 530 pesos for the same bottle. The pricing fluctuates wildly, so it is wise to shop around for whatever you need. It has become so Americanized with all the bars being owned seemingly by Americans charging American pricing for crap. I miss the days only a few years ago that would allow you to take 20 dollars and go out and drink 10 beers and tip 10 dollars for those 10 beers. You can still do the same thing, except it costs you 20 to get into the club and then another 20 to have open bar---not including tip. There are still a few that offer a 10.00 cover and open bar, but that is severely limited now to a few hours and well drinks/tap beer only. I need to find another developing place that has a beautiful atmosphere and climate with everything being cheap. I get some simple pleasure from that. I like to save money, but I love to know for a fact that I am getting the best deal possible. Cancun is no longer the best deal possible. For the money we spent to get there and stay there and come back, we did get the best deal possible. That I know.

This is a 767-400. It is a big plane. The wings do not even shudder when we hit turbulence. Very solid. I like that. Did I ever mention the need/wish for there to be a glass bottom plane? I think looking at fishies is cool, especially if you can do it in comfort without having to get wet. But a glass bottom plane would be ultra kick ass. I would be looking at the ground the whole freaking time. If not glass bottom, then how about a forward looking camera and maybe a 45 degree down angle forward view.....That way we could see what is coming up ahead and see the ground. If it is a remote controlled camera, that would make it that much more kick ass.

I really don't like the amount of space they provide you with on the planes. I certainly do hope that the fat Americans continue to get fatter so they add more space between the seats. It will make the thin Americans much more happy. Currently, I am a thin American. I realize that being a thin American has it's advantages and it's disadvantages. Advantage: I do not take up as much space. Disadvantage: Most people do not like that. Advantage: I can wear the same clothes that I wore in High School. Disadvantage: Most people do not like the clothes that I still wear from high school and the fact that I can still wear them. Advantage: I can eat what I want, when I want, and how I want. Disadvantage: Most people do not like that. The fact is: Most people do not like the fact that I am thin. It bothers them that they have to struggle to maintain and/or battle weight gain whereas I do nothing to prevent it or to sustain my current state. I like how I am made as a human. I like the fact that with the nuclear energy level that courses through my body I require lots of calories and fat and bad bad things to keep me alive. I dislike the fact that most females will have nothing to do with me because I would be the thin one in the relationship. I would not know the exact figures, but I would guess that out of American women in my dating age range(this might be pushing it a little), 95 percent of them are bigger than I am so I am immediately discounted based on that fact. The other 5 percent are god awful beautiful and want a guy with a fat body and money and a decent face. I guess the goal of this rant is: I will probably remain single as long as I am thin and the majority of Americans are fat. I will try not be get fat. I hope that everyone else will get thin, because one of the disadvantages of being thin are finding clothes that will fit you since the clothing industry promotes and encourages fat clothes.

Ah, I will the sleeping tube system on planes would be put in place. I could so use a nap on this fukn plane, but find it terribly difficult to sleep upright unless driving a car. My idea is in the back of the plane sell "seats" that would allow you to lay down inside of a padded tube with lights if you want to read, or for people like me that would just be happy to sleep. The tube could be sealed off with a cloth "door" and I would allow myself to be strapped in. In case of a fire I would probably burn up as I sleep through most alarms. Now earthquakes tend to wake me up as well as people moving around in my house, but those are rare occurrences so there is a reason for that. Alarms happen all the time, every day---whether it be a phone, or a clock, or a TV, or the doorbell or the computer. I ignore them consciously most of the time. I would like my tube now please.

That is all I can write right now without going into the whiny/complainy mode that I am so very good at. Hell, I probably spewed enough crap up above this to settle many fat people's whines for months. Anyway, I will try to dump this text onto the server in Vegas when possible. I will try to win with what little money I brought with me. I would like to have around $500,000.00 by the time I leave so that I may pay off my bills, the house, buy some property in a third world country, build a kick ass house there, and be a gardener or something really mundane for the rest of my life. Ah, what simple dreams we have that are easy to acquire......They should not even be called dreams. Deferred goals in what they should be called. Dreams should be limited to that which may or may not be possible, but there is no definite. Dreams are those things that are out of reach with the possibility of happening. I have many goals in my life, but very few dreams I have realized. I still have a few dreams though, but the goals are easier to dwell on.



08.17.2003---Pictures from Mexico will be coming soon as well as my take on the trip in a few days.  Maybe I will do that in Vegas as I will not be playing with very much money on this trip.....In other news.....For those of you that are Hot Pocket Savvy(tm), Kroger has them on sale with your crappy Kroger marketing/purchase tracking/CIA card known as the Kroger Plus Card. For a limited time you can have a hot pocket for as low as 75 cents per pocket---Sold in a container of two pockets with your card they are 1.50 a box. Not a bad deal as they are usually on sale for $1.67 per box of two. I bought enough to replenish one drawer in the freezer. Since they have a frozen shelf life of about a thousand years I will go back before Wednesday to buy another 20 boxes or so to fill up the other drawer....You see it is infinitely more entertaining to rip them out of the boxes to have non-named pockets....That way you have no clue as to what you are going to get until the Hot Pockets spooge out in the microwave. I can tell sometimes by the color and the consistency of the goo which flavor I got in the mystery pick.

Anyway, that sums up my trip to the grocery store. I think I spent more money on this trip to the store than any in the past few years, but I brought back so much essential foodage and other essential life force providing material to last me a while. I think I will be conserving the finances for the next couple of months to recoup my recent spending sprees as well as the obvious trip to Vegas in the next few days. I overspent in Mexico with the purchase of a two new pieces of kick ass art from Alexander Flores...Once the money is saved back up again there are a few more pieces I would like to get....The Sphere and one large piece to go on the wall above my headboard for the bedroom. The guy makes some kick ass colorful shit that I like to look at and it brightens up my otherwise colorful but rather bland house.

I will do some laundry and then eat some recently purchased food before trying to go to sleep. It is 11:40 p.m. right now and I don't feel the least bit tired. A short work week for me--which is something I do look forward to.

Time to start recovering vacation days as well as they will be just about all used up after this week's Vegas fiasco.


08.04.2003---Made it into Cancun, Mexico earlier.   Survived the first part of the trip.  This place has changed.  We will go to Wal-Mart tomorrow in downtown somewhere to purchase our majority supplies for the trip.  Local store charges more for local beer than stores back home charge for import beer.  They have caught onto the scheme of making money.   It generally pisses me off.  About ready to call in to order a pizza from PapaJohns.   I am terribly hungry, and without a microwave,  this is my best immediate bet.


  08.02.2003---In doing my own little research of computers using the same ISP nearby to my house--in Chamblee, I highly encourage all who read this to patch your Windows computers via the Windows Update or by going with your web browser to http://windowsupdate.microsoft.com/ The majority of the computers in my C Class are vulnerable....Meaning 230 out of 255 are unpatched. If you want the little scanner to check your network or your neighbors computers to see if they are patched or not, let me know and I will e-mail it to you.

There is indeed a threat to the internet in general posed by some of the latest security warnings. By patching your system you will keep your computer more secure and prevent it from being used as a launching pad for other attacks as well as preserve your files for yourself....The threat essentially can allow someone full access to all the files on your computer to do with as they please or to plant some other nastiness there for later.

That is all. I am doing laundry and other fun things in preparation for Monday's launch into the land of sun and fun.


07.27.2003---A little over a week from now I will vacate the country to a pseudo-foreign land.   It will be mucho fun.  I am looking forward to it in a way that I have not in such a long time.   I think that there will be pictures posted on this here webathingamajigy.  At least I will try to post pictures from the foreign land.   Maybe I will have humans in these pictures.  Maybe it will be fishies.  Who knows.  I will be sure to leave the music on,  starting in alphabetical order while I am gone,  if just for the funny factor.  I am glad that I am going with a good friend of mine.  I asked several people directly with plenty of time,  and asked in a very open way via the web.   People just do not know what they will be missing.   I do know that I won't be missing this place very much while I am away.   I know that this will be the first of a series of trips with a known good travel partner and there will be no asking en masse in the future.   Hahahahaha.  Excuses,  excuses.   We live in a credit based society.   I take full advantage of that fact.   I take full advantage of that fact.   I take full advantage of that fact.   Hahahahaha.   This will be no life changing experience for anyone.   It will never be for anyone.  A pure fun fun trip.   This will be my last time in Mexico as well.   I now have the happy little booklet issued by the state department that allows me to leave this country under my own free will.   This means I can go to new places.  Places that I must see before I die.   Places that I want to see while I am still alive.    Places that may make me more alive.   Mexico is a sleeping place.   The only thing eye opening there are the hotties running around in their little typical-slut outfits at night and their thong bathing suits during the day.  Yum yum yum.   Those are some of the pictures that will have to be sent to the front page of this site and then later archived to the deep web.    I am indeed excited about the trip and the knowledge that I must soak it all in because I will not be spending any more time there.   The next beach-type of vacation I think I will take will be to some other must see beach area----Bali or Fiji or the great barrier reef areas of Australia.....I am not much of a sun person,  but will take it with a few good books.....I guess it is time to go to work now to get ahead of my todo list before I vacate.....It is going to be hell coming back after this trip if I do recall the last few times I have been away for more than three days.


07.03.2003---I hereby declare that the Internet is now officially drab and dead.   It has lost it's allure and appeal to me.   What it needs is a severe overhaul.  More shine,  more luster,  and more freaking polish.   It has been taken over by crappy spam,  too much advertising,  and too many hopes and dreams that will unfortunately not pan out for many who seek them online.   Oh,  I will not be unplugging myself,  no,  that would be a true mistake.  But I will be watching,  and waiting for the needed changes to make it into something wonderful once again.....Or is it too late for that already?  


 06.16.2003---A friend sent me these...Pretty fukn funny,  and will more than likely be true in the near future.

06.08.2003---So,  boredom is a bad thing in some ways.....I get bored and need something to do.  So I start fixing one thing and it leads to utter destruction of one wall with future destruction of several others.....I guess we shall call this one bathroom remodel.....

05.28.2003---Ok,  so I have been a little lame lately as far as spewing....That is to be expected.   But with lack of spewing comes mind brewing...Another possible great idea for someone to steal along the same lines as the reality TV crap we see on TV.....How about this:   Similar to American Idol,  we scour the country for 40 people.  Those people are then randomly picked to pair up for short periods of time with their "opposite twin" counterparts---In effect,  we pick 20 people from Group "A" and put them together with 20 people from Group "B".   They spend a few days together and a small number of the people are chosen to be voted on by the "watchers" to see who is not who they claim to be.    The point of each group is to change the other.  The American public will vote off those that are the easiest to change....In effect choosing the most stubborn people in America......Will there be a prize involved in the end?    Yes,  of course.  A small token.   Due to the general nastiness of this social experiment--because it is an experiment in my sense of the word anyway.....They should all be paid a small amount of money for the length of time they survive the public voting system,  and of course for dealing with their "opposite twin".   So,  you must ask and I will of course tell,  what is the criteria for the groups.  This is the real sticky part.  The part that might throw them all off....20 of the people are to be chosen on their general happy nature.  20 of the people are to be chosen on their ability to be an asshole or just sad in general.   It might be easy to find them,  it might be hard,  but it would definitely be interesting to see who the final 40 are and just how resolute they are in their general "being".   Because the people involved in the experiment would more than likely want to win the "game",  they are not to be told the rules.   It is to be a true reality based game.....Life,  and it's effects.   They may not understand why they are being voted off,  but that is ok.   We will see it all plain as day from our friendly magic televisions and computer screens......There are other ideas to throw sticks into their mud puddles.....Introduce things into their environment that they either like very much or dislike.....To gauge how people can alter some basic emotions or objects for that matter.....So,  which side would you fall into if you were on this show?  Would you bend?   Would you break?   It might just wake a few people up from their slumber of contentment or their lack of it......


05.24.2003---Another late night infusion of my favorite chinese food from the famous place that I push onto strangers on Buford Hwy.....Makes me want to spew some shit....Nothing overtly political,  merely talking trash.....SARS.....Another vague plague on the world....Will it be a epidemic or a pandemic?   It has in no way reached it's full potential.  The fault of containment is in believing that it is contained.   You cannot contain anything in this world as we are so very mobile now....Regular flights leaving at all hours of the day and night...People on the go and people on the move....Unstoppable....Including easily transmittable diseases....Be on the lookout.   If you are an antibiotic fiend----one who takes them on a regular basis,  you should be the most concerned as they have more than likely lost their potency to help your system.   People like me that do not go to the doctor,  well I may actually benefit from eating the drugs---if the virus has not mutated to the point where nothing can prevent it's onslaught.    It is coming people,  and at a prime time for it.  Economy in shambles,  wars fought over misconceived notions or "premises" as the latest news like to say.....Time to clean the world again.   Oh don't worry,  I will make it through this little crisis.  Just another blip on the timeline for me.   I have all these preservatives inside of me, and I am consuming tons of food right now that is loaded with MSG.  Oh, I will make it alright.   No need to fear.   This world can only support so many people.  As we encroach upon more and more of space that has never sustained humans life/lifestyle for any length of time,  we will undoubtedly pick up little bugs to knock us back a few steps.   It is the way of the world.   Speaking of the way of the world...I was out in public for a little while tonight consuming a few alcoholic beverages---hence the relaxation in my writing abilities......I ran into a hottie chick I used to know that was a little more than drunk.   She was a good friend of someone I used to date.   I gave her my number.  She will probably lose it.   It would be nice to chat with her in a not so drunken moment.   Small world we have here---it is getting smaller and smaller.   Wow.  That was like 10 years ago or something crazy like that since I last saw her.   Longer since I have seen the one that I used to date.   Freaky freak of nature I am.....The SARS thing I am probably all wrong about,  but my thought says that the wind does not stop at country borders or airports.....The crap travels invisibly....Watch for it in your area soon......


 05.13.2003---Ok,  so the company that makes Hot Pockets--My regular food of choice for , oh,  let's be safe and call it 8 years seems to have little giveaways very frequently in their specially marked boxes.....Either cash or some sort of game piece.   I figure for the past 8 years I have consumed at least two a day a minimum of five days a week,  50 weeks out of the year.   I don't mind me saying so,  but that is a fuckload of Hot Pockets.  Quick math says @ 1000 per year at around $1.75 per set of pockets.     That folks is a cheap lunch.   I think I have eaten other food including eating out of the office maybe 10 times in five years---It is more than likely 7, but due to my memory I will go with the safe 10.   $3500.00 for 8 years worth of lunch?   I say I should be able to prepay my lunch in advance at a nice discount.   They just send me freaking coupons for my food and I redeem them at the store.   Anyway,  where I was going with this is this:   They should give me a TV show or a commercial like the guy for Subway,  except of course,  I did not lose any weight by eating them.  I did however eat for cheap and managed to survive.   Hell,  I have so many preservatives in my body from those things to make the ancient Egyptians jealous....And to keep me in tip top shape at least until the biopsy shows that I have been slowly cooking myself from the inside out.....Microwave food technology has only been in the mass market since I landed on this planet,  so I should make an excellent case study.   I will not delete this post. I will not delete this post.

Anyway if someone from the company that makes Hot Pockets reads this crap,  please do include Atlanta in your game piece selection area,  as I have never found one in any of my containers.  Also put the fukn coupons back on the box.  You know I will pay what you want for my food,  but give me a little satisfaction every now and then ok?

In other news....That house that I wrote about a few days ago...A specific house was put on the market the day after I wrote that.  It is listed at $564,900.00  That is a shitload over my idea of how much I would spend on it.   If anyone here would like to donate @$264,900.00 in order for me to purchase this house,  I will pay the rest....Think of it,  I will pay the larger half for the house.   I also promise I will not move again for at least 10 years.   As if I was a big mover.   I can pack up my crap and disappear in less than 24 hours I have so little crap.   Nice idea about the house...Those people seem to be mighty proud of it.....Mighty fukn proud.   My kitchen is better than theirs is anyway.  Nany nany boo boo.


 05.12.2003---Going on a trip.....Sin citay babay.

Las Vegas Nevada......In August.

Wanna go?

Airfare is fairly cheap....Under $240.00 round trip from Atlanta. Leaving on Wednesday the 20th of August, returning on the 23rd of August, early, early, early, in the morning.

Staying at the MGM Grand......Playing cards and wandering around the town.... for the most part.

Wanna go? Let me know....

It is plenty of time for anyone to plan a trip and/or save up the necessary funds to attend.

I fully expect someone to attempt to go.

05.11.2003---Been thinking lately.   As if I have never done that before.   I don't see the economy turning around anytime soon,  and based on that repetitive thought,  this is what I have decided:   Do not build the garage here at the current domestic unit that I call home.  Pay down the Infiniti as soon as possible.   Go out and personally visit some local homeowners of houses that I have had my eye on for some time....Years in some cases....Houses that I have always liked.....Leave my name and contact information with them for when they do decide to sell or move away---They can call me directly and offer me their house to avoid the realtors fees on both sides.....Where am I going with this?   Several of these houses already have two car garages--Which is more than what I have now.  They also have land that is more suitable for building another garage.   I feel the need to have at least five cars indoors.   That is a minimum.   I have high standards.   Anyway,  I put this all in a three year goal.   I don't feel that the interest rates are going anywhere anytime soon.   If a house becomes available and I am not leveraged too much,  then I think that it may be a great time to move into a bigger,  better house while the rates are so cheap....There may not be a better time to do this anytime soon.   The cost of the same house may become so unaffordable merely to the rise in interest rates,  that now or in the next few years may be my only chance.   I do not foresee any other half in my world anytime soon to supplement my income.  hahahahaha.   I will keep all three of my eyes open just to be safe.   The garage here will not increase my property value any,  but may decrease it in a way.   It would also tie me down in this location for a longer period of time---There is nothing wrong with that,  but why settle for it?   I say if it is to happen,  then I might have to force it to happen.   It certainly sounds doable in my head anyway.   Went on my annual trip to Mississippi earlier this week.   At a few points during the trip I had that aura going on that I could do no wrong and that the cards and the chips were mine.   And they were,  for a short period of time.   I have never given away so much money as I did on this trip.   It is very good that the money was the casino's chips and not cash out of my pocket...This always makes for a much better trip.    Also discovered that Nafice is an excellent travel partner.   I can travel with her again to wherever,  whenever.    Full week ahead of me with many things to do at work.  There will be several nights of work to get new equipment in place and out of my space.   It's ok though,  I have no life except the life I live in the dreams of houses,  garages,  and general hectic change that I do desire.


04.29.2003---5:01a.m....I was just woken up by a fukn earthquake I think....No,  it was not great sex,  but it was a moving experience.   Freaky.


04.16.2003...Just got home from my first little road trip in the new car.  Went to Charlotte and back for work.  Must remember mileage to get reimbursed.  472 miles there and back minus @12 miles down to work in the morning....Gas tank holds many gallons.....Many more than the Nissan.  Does not get as many miles per gallon,  but will take you further with less stops it seems.   The Nissan is falling more and more out of favor the more I drive the Infiniti.  I am considering a "prestige" license plate now that the new ones will accept 7 characters.   Hmmmm.   I like "ForSale"  and "Finite",  but wait that one is six,  but so funny on a car named Infiniti....I wonder why they do not spell it with a Y.  Just to be cute?   Too many other companies with Infinity as the name?  I dunno.  I shall quiz the happy order taker/salesperson when I go to get my:  Cigarette lighter--which was missing from the car and the owners manual---which is in short supply apparently.   Well,  I guess I will cut the hair because it is growing long....bwahahahahaha.  I have long hair.   Or I used to have long hair or even better I used to have sort of long hair or even funnier I used to have some long hair.  Anyway,  it is too long and it must be cut.  Night.


04.03.2003....Silence is an art that is very hard to master.

Now this is something that speaks volumes......