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TreeStruction Video

Dookah--Aibo Dog Video

Time Lapse Sleep Video 1

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Below Gets A Hair Cut.

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Eyeball Video

Camaro And G35

IXL Blues Video

Cooking Eggs 1

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Loudflower and Other Fun

First Video Of The Fish Pond

Kitchen Under Construction With Cabinets

Olympics Atlanta 1996 Video

Club Anytime December 25 1993

Streudel Heidi Fritz Kitty El Camino Video

Jet Ski Fun With Phil

House In March 6 2000 Before Major Construction

Lost Blair Witch Session

Cancun 1998 Trip

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I like eyeballs.  I like looking at eyes.  People find themselves uneasy sometimes when talking to me because I look at their eyes.  I may not be hearing them, just looking at the detail of their eyes.  If I could draw,  eyeballs would be the thing for me.  I can barely take a picture,  but I like my eyeball pictures that I have so far.

I Am Apparent,  Not Transparent.