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I really want to build a garage to house the many red-neck vehicles I want to build in the future and finish that I already own.....I figured I should probably remodel the kitchen first as I would never do it once the garage is in place.   The pictures below will document the destruction/reconstruction in all of it's glory.  I will also tell you about my injuries as well as what I was thinking exactly when the nail went through my foot etc....

This is the floor/cabinet removal process.  The oven is that black thing on the floor.  Earliest picture of the destruction/reconstruction.  I guess I should find a picture of what it used to look like to put here,  so the one below this is that picture.

This is as close as I could find in a hurry as to what it used to look like.  Let me see if I can find some other one to include to give you an idea of what I have destroyed so far.

Well the fridge and the oven used to be in the way,   As well as assorted cabinets.  As you can tell by the food.  I am a master chef.  Let me find one more to add to the old pictures before I continue.

This was the opening I made a few years before.  Notice the left side.

Old floor is mostly gone,  replacing floor with wood of the same type that is in the rest of the house.  Five layers or so of crap linoleum and some other asbestos laden material.

So the floor is now done and all of the cabinets are gone,  so I start changing the design and layout of the place.

And I really start changing the design and layout of the place.  Windows without glass....Makes a small room into a small room connected to several smaller rooms.

I am done with the framing for the kitchen,  but what I decide to do next is even more interesting,  in my opinion.

I decided to make the window go away for now that was in the Kitchen next to the door that goes into the existing garage.  This project can grow.

Not even done with the Kitchen and I have decided to create more dust by redesigning the front entranceway.   I tore out the old crap and made my own crap.

I must have been going to bed.  But it looks like all of the sheet rock work is done for both the kitchen and the entranceway/living room.  Still have to do the really shitty sanding work though.

This is the spotty look before any real sanding commences.  I kind of like the polka dot look of this room and one day,  maybe,  I will have it perfected to the point of keeping one this way permanently.

Another view of the spotty wonder.

At some point I had the house killing pine trees removed from the yard equation.   The blurry white thing is the legendary El Camino in the back yard.  It has no real relevance in the kitchen remodel other than I wanted to put this in here.

A rare daylight capture of the construction zone during the sanding period.  Not many pictures were taken during the sanding period as it is typically an angry time in the house.

We primed,  painted a little,  then primed again,  then painted a little more.  We like to do the same thing over and over again I swear.

At some point I decided the front area of the house was finished and moved on to the kitchen area...Time was running out and there was a major appliance on the way.

I am so ready to accept the massive appliance....Watch closely.

I don't know why,  but those two pictures seem to upset people that can cook the most.(bwhaahahahahahahahaha)  There will be more pictures to piss people off in the near future,  I assure you.

This is where the project stands after three and a half months of working on the weekends and at night....I have yet to order cabinets,  or even the rest of the appliances.  I won't order the countertops until I have the cabinets.  I hope to order the cabinets within the next month.  Today is the 3rd of April.  The cook top will be in the corner there to the right of the fridge.  The far right corner.

This kind of shows the kick-assedness of the fridge and the general look of that corner.

The den side of the kitchen....Think of that first pre-kitchen remodel picture at the top I guess.

The living room opening to the kitchen.  No the walls are not bowed.  It's called a wide angle lens on the trusty three chip camera.

The oven/microwave stack will go in that corner as well as cabinets and countertops.  Should be a nice look with the light colored wood and grey countertops.......

Sink under window, Dishwasher on right wall most likely.  Cabinets above and below more than likely.

Here we have the cabinets...This was back in July I believe.

And now the countertops in the sink area.

BarTop Eat-In area with countertops.

The cooktop zone

The living room view of bartop area.

Yet another view of the bartop area.

That just about does it for the kitchen remodel....Started one week before X-mas 2001.  Completed early November 2002.  Yay.  Now I must learn to cook something.


06.08.2003....Kitchen is nearly done, a few more things to do before it is really complete.   Downdraft needs to be piped through under the house and then to the outside....I will take care of that when the bathroom nears the schedule of the kitchen, that should be mid to late 2004.

Update: are some latest pictures showing kitchen in larger picture you can tell it has stuff in it now.....

That's all the pictures that I have currently that do not contain sensitive material.  The rest of the pictures are currently under judicial review.

I Am Apparent,  Not Transparent.

   Look for more as the project continues.......