The House

The House

Kitchen Remodel(4.3.2002)

Bathroom Remodel

1969 Camaro

2003 G35 Coupe

1976 El Camino Reborn

The Other Half

Get Back

I had been searching for a piece of America.  I looked everywhere that I could stand to live in and around Atlanta.   I found it.  Now I own a piece of America just like all the other immigrants.   

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GarageFromCorner.jpg (42459 bytes)mvc-002s.jpg (46828 bytes)WindowAndDoorInGarageInNewWall.jpg (53528 bytes)BrickWallSideOfGarage.jpg (74254 bytes)GarageDoorFromInside.jpg (50686 bytes)

GarageLookingIntoKitchen.jpg (61619 bytes)Kitchendoorandwindow.jpg (27671 bytes)fridge.jpg (42465 bytes)Freezer.jpg (35080 bytes)CloseupOfFreezer.jpg (29165 bytes)LookingAtKitchenThroughTheMysticalWall.jpg (43720 bytes)

SlidingGlassDoorWall.jpg (39951 bytes)LookingAtLivingRoomFromDenArea.jpg (36462 bytes)The Loveseat That I like.jpg (18657 bytes)thecouch.jpg (36742 bytes)DiningAreaLookingThroughDoorway.jpg (65210 bytes)LookingDownHallwayTowardsLivingRoom.jpg (47388 bytes)

Crooked,  ButYou GetThe IdeaOfTheExtraBedroom.jpg (29762 bytes)TheSoothingColorOfTheBlueRoom.jpg (44606 bytes)TheOfficeAndItsSoothingColor.jpg (49417 bytes)TheRelaxingColorOfMyOffice.jpg (42939 bytes)SomeOfTheClutterInMyOffice.jpg (51080 bytes)ThePurplePalacialRoom.jpg (62642 bytes)

ThePurplePalaceThatGrimaceWouldBeProudOf.jpg (39675 bytes)Grimace'sCloset.jpg (58543 bytes)

That's all the pictures that I have currently that do not contain sensitive material.  The rest of the pictures are currently under judicial review.

I Am Apparent,  Not Transparent.