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The Other Half

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The Other Half.....What is it to me?  Or to you?

My other half would be my ideal.    The person that I miss when I am away,  and the person that I would be most afraid to lose.   The person that I would go to any lengths to protect from harm from any source.....The love of my life.   Their attributes would be wide and varied,   but I will list the ones that I deem to be most acceptable down below. (Not in any sort of order of course....Just what comes to mind first.)

They would be attractive to me.

They would know they are attractive.

They would be happy with their mental and physical state.

They like to read in bed.

They are spontaneous.

They are a risk taker.

They know what their own limits are.

They can push people to their limits.

They make a respectable living.

They may not do respectable things sometimes.

They like doing non-respectable things sometimes.

They like to converse.

They like to people watch.

They are able to give and receive criticism.

They prefer to speak instead of shout.

They like the daylight.

They love the night.

They can wear my jeans--At least in the waist.

They like the fact that they can wear my jeans--Even if only in the waist.

They are a one man woman.

They are a one woman woman. (hehehehe  or more if desired.)

They love red meat. (Of all varieties.)

They are vegetarians. (Exact opposite of red meat,  but has a more oral fixation.)

They laugh and can make others laugh.

They would have a dark side.

They would also have a cheery side.

They would like to travel.

They like to travel.

They do travel.

They would like sleeping in as often as possible.

They finish what projects they start.

They are able to make dreams come true.  By hard work and perseverance.

They are independent.

They are computer literate.

They wear T-Backs.

They are obnoxious.

They can communicate with very little words if necessary.

08.15.2004.....The fact of the matter is that she does exist and I have found her,  and she has found me.   There may be a few things on this list that do not match up or are not known yet or never been proven true or tried,  but she is perfect in my mind and heart without this list as a guide.   I am in love with her and she with me and that is the only real list that matters.   I believe I will have the rest of my life to add things that I find out about her to this written list that I must have in a woman.  Unfortunately though,  this list is only for me and I am to be considered off the market in the dating sense as I only want that one girl now and can see no other as her equal.